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Dharana, the sixth limb of yoga in Patanjali’s eight-fold path in the Yoga Sutras, is often translated to single-pointed focus or concentration.

“Do what you need to do to be able to hold yourself in this space,” Phoebe guides, as we start off our practice sitting with the breath. “Sit in a shape that most authentically allows you to be held here in the room, with this group of people in whatever state you’ve landed in today,” she continues.

This was allowing us to hold onto what was required in order for us to cultivate stillness and, at the same time, let go of what was creating tension, stress, and dis-ease in our bodies and minds. This process of moving, shifting and making space for what we’re ready to welcome into our lives is powerful stuff.

Then we begin to flow through our yoga sequence; we move to cultivate stillness. We do to undo. This practice of movement is at the core of what asana has historically been designed to do, along with the practice of Dharana: to prepare you for the seventh limb of yoga, dhyana (meditation). After that, it’s enlightenment (the final limb, also referred to as liberation, samadhi, and bliss).

This edition of WellBeing explores themes of movement for healing, the importance of fostering a sense of community and the power of being still and calm for your wellbeing. Lao Tzu highlights the importance of cultivating space for stillness, as it’s in this place that authentic living resides: “We join spokes together in a wheel, but it is the center.

How do you hold space for yourself? How do you cultivate stillness? What are your favorite ways to shift energy within you to invite more ease and presence into your life? We encourage you to share your experiences via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email or snail mail. We’d love to know — and print — our favorite stories about your journey with stillness in Your Say.

Let’s foster a deep sense of radiant stillness together, as the WellBeing community. Who knows what we might invite into our lives as a result of carving out that sacred space together.

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