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The Way to The Realm of Well-Being

The eight domains in the realm of Well-Being form the foundation of your Life Design. Giving energy and time to your Well-Being self-care makes all aspects of life more enjoyable. Our Well-Being domains are the personal and intimate ones in which we should have the most decision-making power. If we decide to make life-affirming choices, both for ourselves and for the planet, we can make a significant beneficial impact, simply by living.

The first five domains are essential for life; the next two you could live without but will enhance your quality of life exponentially; the final one, you can’t live without, but we tend to put too much emphasis on it.

Nourish is all about the food you eat and what you drink, how you nourish yourself. Embody is all about your relationship with your body, how you inhabit it. Express is an invitation to embrace your emotions, commit to learning how they inform your inner landscape, and what you can do to express them in a healthy way. Presence is an invitation to step into silence and become intimate with the life force that dwells within you and around you. Immerse is about your mindset and how you think. Play is about the space you give to having fun and enjoying your life. Create is where you bring together your imagination, inventiveness, and skills to make new things. Adorn, takes you back to the surface to explore the visible expression of your energized authentic self through your clothing choices.

These domains of the Well-Being realm are interconnected and work together. What you choose to eat in your Nourish domain, for example, will have an impact on your Embody and Express domains. The purpose of teasing out your Well-Being into eight domains is to give your Life Design a level of detail through which you can discover and recover more of you.

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