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How to supercharge your life

To celebrate the release of my new book Supercharge Your Life, I’d love to share a delicious recipe and reveal seven keystones to a healthy life.
Over the past eight years of research, cooking and writing my blog Supercharged Food, I’ve accumulated knowledge that has culminated in my philosophy of a supercharged life based on a meta-modernist approach of re-engagement, connection and commonality.

Supercharging your life is all about taking the fear out of food. My aim is that it will be a breath of fresh air for your relationship with food, widening your focus from food simply being a potential catalyst for health.

Food ties through every part of your life and when you perceive a broader appreciation of it and its power, you can lighten up and connect food with purpose and joy. I love to create nourishing recipes that cover every occasion, underpinned by the “Supercharged” principles of anti-inflammatory balanced meals that draw from the traditional wisdom of Ayurveda. I use honest, real, accessible food that’s as close to nature as possible.

To help you understand the diverse, multifaceted power that extends from our relationship with food, I bring forward the concept of “the seven keystones of life”: home and family; friends and community; career and passion; finances; health and longevity; with the last two — love and food — at the centre of it all.

Each of these areas represents a complex cultural, philosophical and even political relationship to food and each keystone is interwoven with all the others.


The heart of the home is the kitchen. This is where you can look at creating your ideal kitchen, understand flavour profiles and pairings, build a beautiful spice rack and stock your pantry, fridge and freezer, ensuring the kitchen is a supercharged paradise.


Loving is all about the heart — both your own heart and the heart of what food is truly all about: hospitality, sharing love through nourishing with delicious food, and creating memories with those you adore most. Why not try shifting your mind from a perspective of food and cooking as an inconvenience or chore towards a fresh rekindling of turning base ingredients into something to savour?

Have you ever stopped to relish the magical interplay of nature’s forces and how your food makes its way from soil to plate? My own food philosophy includes the ancient healing art of Ayurveda and eating with mindfulness and gratitude.

When you open your eyes to the power of your food choices as a way of loving this planet, amazing things can happen. Seeing your food budget as an investment in your world and your time in the kitchen as a means of loving your community is a way to spark new love.


This is where, individually, we can begin to connect all the dots. First, by eating for pleasure and learning how to identify whether you’re eating from a place of freedom or fear, and then learning about how to transform your thinking from fearful towards a liberated relationship with eating.

I believe food should first and foremost be enjoyed and savoured. Casting the chains off a rule-based approach to food takes you back to good old-fashioned common-sense eating.

The connection is all about relationships, so I encourage you to reconnect and re-create the lost art of mealtimes in your home. I’m sharing a Layered Salted Caramel Peanut Fudge recipe that’ll be sure to spread love and happiness to all your friends and family!

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