Hidden Facts About Sugar That You Didn’t Know

Hidden Facts About Sugar That You Didn't Know

For years, they said that fat was killing us, which made us obese now, it is obvious that it was not fat but sugar. The well-known white ingredient that the world produces the staggering 170 million tons each year is a simple carbohydrate formed by carbohydrates, hydrogen and oxygen molecules and is one of the largest ingredients used in the world.

The side effects and what sugar can do to your body have been massively ignored over the years, now, due to the huge increase in obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, sugar is beginning to be revealed as the Sauron (A very bad man) of all ingredients.

Figures show that an average person will eat an average of 25.1 kg of sugar per year by 2015, the equivalent of 3 pots of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream every day!

The science

Sugar is a mixture of fructose and glucose. For humans to be able to work, we need glucose as an energy source. The food we eat every day enters our bodies and is separated for different purposes. All foods will eventually become glucose by dissolving in our bloodstream and becoming energy cells.

Fructose is completely different. It is this part of the sugar that we must eliminate. This bad boy goes straight to the liver where he gets fat. This possible increase in fat over time can lead to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and many other death-related problems, which we would obviously like to avoid.

The negationists

Some will say that there is no official evidence that sugar causes all this chaos, just as most of these people are businessmen and women who make money from sugar. Of course, these people care more about their wallets than their health and are not really going to say that they are “delicious foods”; in fact, they are slowly killing you. In fact, if you took all the items from a large supermarket that contains sugar, you would only find 10% of the remaining food products, which shows how much money you make with this deadly substance.

How you can be fructose-free

As you can imagine after hearing about the 10%, cutting sugar is not so easy. This shows the extent of the problem. You can almost guarantee that sugar is found in most processed foods, almost everything that does not come directly from its natural source, certainly has sugar added somewhere during the processing stage. Now you think about all the foods you eat that are processed, which is a lot in most cases.

Sugar is also very addictive, if you didn’t have sugar for a few days, you’d start having cravings and withdrawals, crazy to think of something we wouldn’t have put on the list of A-class drugs. Without you realizing it, sugar has become something you depend on, something you become dependent on, something you are also dependent on. To try it, go to your kitchen and study the back of the products in your closet and refrigerator. Here are some examples you can find, dried fruit, fruit juices, soft drinks, most cereals, flavored yogurt, milk, canned soups, jams, chocolate, cakes, cookies, sauces (such as tomato and barbecue styles) and the list is long. You will certainly be surprised.

So do your body a favor and cut off the white part or at least cut it to a minimum. In doing so, your body will love you for your appearance, weight loss and inside. First, read other labels to find out what they contain, then start cutting them slowly to about 20 g (about 5 teaspoons). When you have this sugar, it should come from natural sources such as fruit, but remember that 20g is not much. This may take a few weeks, so be patient.


You may have already heard of this sweetener, which is actually a source of plants. The leaves of this plant are 1000 times sweeter (difficult to believe but true) than sugar and do not contain fructose. So, if you need to add a sweetener to your food or beverages, choose this alternative.

I hope this article will inspire you to think more about what you eat and to adopt a healthier lifestyle for yourself and those around you. The benefits of a healthy and fit lifestyle are endless.