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Direct Primary: This form of coverage covers damage to the customer’s vehicle, regardless of who is liable. Unlike Legal Liability, Direct Primary encompasses loss due to weather and theft, assuming the business made a sufficient attempt to protect the vehicle. Garagekeepers Direct Primary Insurance: will pay for any damages incurred while a client’s vehicle is in the custody of your business. This means that the client does not have to involve their own insurance carrier in the claim or repair of resulting damages. An extremely important feature of our insurance is that our direct primary coverage policies protect you when being held liable or subrogated by insurers of your customers’ vehicles while in your care. Agreed Value Shop Coverage includes: Garage Keeper’s Coverage – Covers physical damage to your customers’ cars on an Agreed Value basis. 3 Parts of Garagekeepers Coverage. There are three main parts to this coverage that a business owner should speak with their agent about when adding this policy to their Business Owner’s Package. Those three parts are legal liability, direct primary, and direct.

11/05/2011 · Garagekeepers primary also called as Garagekeepers Direct primary responsibility, the insured to garage would share the loss with an insurer of the owner of the car, regardless of who is at fault. Garagekeepers primary responsibility provides more protection for garages. Businesses that need the responsibility of Garage. Garagekeepers Insurance is all about damage to the cars in your care. Direct Primary makes this coverage pay no matter what other coverage the vehicle owner may have. Labor and Materials coverage protects your tools and property if you leave them in a customer’s vehicle. Direct Excess: This coverage is basically the same as "direct primary" coverage. It protects the client's vehicle no matter who is at fault. The difference is that it is to be paid only in excess of any amount collectible under the owner’s policy if the insured cannot be held legally liable. What does a garage keepers insurance policy cover? Garage liability and garagekeepers insurance are two different types of coverages,. Garage liability and Garagekeepers. What’s the difference?. Direct Primary – this type pays for the loss whether you are legally obliged to do so or not. Garagekeepers Liability Coverage through Burns & Wilcox provides coverage for your auto service professional clients who maintain a service department or body shop. As a leading provider of wholesale insurance, Burns & Wilcox has the expertise and knowledge to help you design coverage specific to the unique exposures of the auto services industry.

17/12/2010 · Surprisingly the city never required direct primary coverage for this insured - however we automatically added it at renewal. As customers, we assume rightly or wrongly the entity that is taking our vehicle is responsible but as agents, we need to protect both entities. I've lost accounts because we will not write anything but direct primary. GARAGEKEEPERS. Your customer vehicles will be properly covered on Direct Primary forms up to your desired limit. PROPERTY COVERAGE. Coverage for your lifts, inventory, welders, and even small tools while they are on or off premises. Garage Coverage. Avoid coverage gaps. Without a Direct Primary or Direct Excess form, the claimant the garage’s customer must prove that the garage owner the insured was negligent for the loss to be paid under the garage keeper’s coverage. Since garage keeper’s liability covers physical damages, deductibles apply to covered losses. Garage Keepers Legal Liability and Direct Primary coverage available. We also offer stand alone On Hook coverage for your garage and towing risks. • Quick turnaround • Car, truck, trailer dealers • Repo lots • Body shops • Repair shops • Towing storage lots. The best type of Garagekeepers insurance to purchase is Direct Primary – meaning you are covered for a much broader series of losses to customer vehicles – however, some policies are written as “Direct Excess” or “Legal Liability” – if available and affordable to your budget, we recommend buying Direct Primary Garagekeepers.

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